Strawberries and Sunshine: Picnic for Four!

2015/04/img_2226.jpg 2015/04/img_2211.jpg 2015/04/img_2217.jpg  2015/04/img_2225.jpg  2015/04/img_2239.jpg  2015/04/img_2259.jpgHello beauties! It is finally warm and sunny out and I am stuck indoors with International Politics textbooks and the lovely essays by Berkley. Thankfully, my lovely Kappa sisters and I made the time for a super chic picnic!

For a warm and sparkling picnic, bring fresh fruits, an easy, breakable bread and different jams! We brought madelines, grapes, and Pellegrino! Break out the nautical dresses, hot pink lips, pink accessories, and flowing florals.

Also, everyone should go check out my sister Irene’s blog!

Back to studying!

Xo, Julia

Post-Valentine’s Day Musings










Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I have to say I’m having a bit of post-holiday depression. This weekend was so magical. Thank you to my amazing boyfriend and family and lady friends. I felt like a princess all weekend with champagne, strawberries, and dancing all night.  Everyone deserves the royal treatment! I just wanted to take this time to express how amazing the people in my life are and how everyone deserves to be told how loved and appreciated they are this time of year. Thank you to everyone, I love you. Love each other.

xo, Julia