Tickle Me Pink: DIY Fairy Tassels


Hi everyone! Lately, I keep seeing these beautiful tassels on Pinterest and they’re sold for up to $40 on Etsy. It is actually really easy to do yourself, especially if you have leftover Christmas tissue paper!

1) Cut tissue paper into long thin strips, around 2-3 inches wide.

2) Stack 3 strips of the same color on top of each other.

2015/01/img_7879.jpg3) Fold the stacks in half.


4) Cut the half-folded stacks with 2 or 3 slits to make the tassels!


5) Unfold the stacks and fold the middle, uncut ends.

6) Twist the centers and create a loop (try wrapping it around a pen). The loop should stay with tissue paper, but metallic paper might need tape.



That’s all! I hope you’re all having a good 2015 so far, and contact me at JuliaPoodleMag@gmail.com if you have tried any of my ideas! I am still on winter break from school, so I will have a million other projects before I go to my internship on the 20th! I am so excited to intern at an entertainment law firm that represents Maroon 5, Phoenix, Lykke Li, and Lady Gaga!

Love you all!

xo, Julia

DIY Fairytale Canopy






Mes lecteurs,

A DIY glitter canopy is a really simple way to add glamour to an otherwise dull bedroom. I started out with a mosquito net from Sear’s (they range from $15-25) and pulled back the opening with old clip-on earrings. I found fake flowers ($2 at Michael’s) and sewed them into the mosquito net. I tied ribbons to the base of the net so they would cascade down, adding depth to the colors. I tied a bow (from a Christmas gift basket) and a flower crown on different sides. Really anything goes! Try to reuse gift ribbons, earrings, and fabric. I even took the hem of my golden dress and turned it into a ribbon!

I found that it adds a really magical touch to the bedroom.

Happy New Year et bonne chance!



Farmhouse Chic: French Cottage Bedroom





I decided to de-clutter and focus in on an exact theme for my bedroom upstate.  I started with clipping Christmas decorations (the sparkly butterflies pictured) onto my chandelier (Ikea). I painted a stool a light blue and added floral details with some craft paint and concentrated all of my crystal trinkets onto one tray. A white basket filled with a pillow and little toys made it look a lot more “quaint” and beautiful lace cloth kept it from looking stark. Cheap flea market crystal and lace are a beautiful way to add a “le midi” touch to any room. (Also, shoutout to my mother for creating the oil paintings pictured).

Bonne chance!

xo, Julia